Implementation of Indigenous Culture into Counselling

Indigenous peoples of Canada require the most effective type of counseling that honors their own culture. The historical past of trauma requires that the root cause be addressed and be honored to allow our people to sustain a life of balance. The holistic approach is the most effective, as it represents mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Once the four elements are acknowledged, the healing will begin, for a more peaceful, sustainable life.

Culture and teachings will only strengthen and empower individuals throughout their journey. Healing is a difficult path, but attainable, as resilience is innate within the strong spirit of our people, strengthening an already strong foundation; we all just need to know we are not alone.

Since time immemorial, Indigenous People have followed a simple human code which, today, is known as the Seven Grandfather Teachings. 

WISDOM                  To cherish knowledge builds resilience.

LOVE                         To know love is to know peace.

RESPECT                  To honour all creation is to have respect.

BRAVERY                 To face life with courage is to know bravery.

HONESTY                 To walk through life with integrity is to know honesty.

HUMILITY                To accept yourself as a sacred part of creation is to know humility.

TRUTH                     To speak your truth is to honor one’s voice.

These teachings are a way of life that is not only achievable, but encompasses the qualities of life that one achieves and maintains readily, without effort.

I hope to provide my support by offering these teachings, as well as my knowledge of the traditional medicines (Sage, tobacco, cedar, and sweetgrass), which I have embraced throughout my own journey.

Sacred Medicines are offered throughout Mother Earth; they simply come in different forms.  Respect for all is important, as we are all individuals.  And no two individuals are the same.

Should a situation arise where a more in-depth method is needed, such as a ceremony, I have made many relationships throughout my journey that would allow for me to make the necessary connection for such a need.

Help is a simple word. Embracing it is the hard part, especially for individuals who have already experienced the worst that this life has had to offer. My approach is empathetic, nonbiased, unconditional, and supportive.

We are all walking in this world together; let’s walk with unity and understanding.