Angels of Hope Against Human Trafficking (AOH) is a registered charity, providing long-term, bilingual support to Survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation of all ages and backgrounds. Utilizing harm-reduction approaches to healing and rehabilitation, AOH works with Survivors in Northern Ontario on their transition to successful, independent living by providing wrap-around and coordinated services such as mental health and addictions counselling, individual case management, and virtual Survivor-led life skills sessions.

AOH also provides guidance, support, education, and counselling to loved ones of Survivors, and referrals to community agencies. Survivors’ loved ones and support systems are included, as research has shown that returning to family and community is a key to helping Survivors rebuild healthy relationships.

Since 2015, AOH has provided over 275 Survivors and their loved ones with free access to trauma-informed, long-term support services.

AOH has also conducted numerous public education workshops and campaigns to increase awareness of, and preventing, human trafficking and sexual exploitation in our region.  AOH Executive Director, Cristina Scarpellini, hosted and directed the only human-trafficking documentary in Sudbury, The Reality of Human Trafficking in Sudbury, and worked alongside a professional photographer on a special project to capture photographs that depict human trafficking. The photos have been used in awareness campaigns, and on digital billboards.

Our organization:

  • Provides ongoing long-term support to survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation;

  • Establishes and utilizes resources appropriately to best serve survivors;

  • To the best of its abilities, provides clients with support and guidance;

  • Provides comprehensive mental health (trauma) and addictions counselling services;

  • Provides a safe and secure environment for survivors of all backgrounds;

  • Acts as a referral service and connects survivors to the appropriate resources;

  • Promotes and encourages social inclusion;

  • Walks alongside survivors to help them find peace and healing.

Angels of Hope strives to support survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation through their journey to healing. Along with establishing goals with each individual client, our main priority is to aid in re-integration into society with minimal triggers and access to support services.