Youth Compassion Groups and Human Trafficking Workshops for Service Providers

AOH delivers innovative and educational workshops, both in-person and online, for youth and service providers in Northeastern Ontario, and provides the necessary tools to recognize, identify, respond to, and prevent sex trafficking of youth. This multi-faceted project includes:

1) BRAVE compassion groups – these groups help youth find the courage within themselves to speak out against acts of violence and to share their stories. These groups are a safe space to ask hard questions about gender-based violence, drugs and alcohol, mental health, and consent. We have specific workshops for girls, service providers, and community members.

2) I Am Enough workshops – these workshops for youth are led by individuals with lived experience with mental health and addictions challenges, sexual violence and human trafficking, and help educate, and build confidence, resilience, and leadership skills among youth. Topics will include mental health and addictions, healthy boundaries, coping strategies, self-awareness, positive internal dialogue, mindfulness, healthy relationships, and safety planning.

3) Positive Masculinity workshops – these workshops designed for male-identified youth will teach young people to think critically about what it means to be a “real man”, understand toxic masculinity and its link to human trafficking, and how to break harmful stereotypes.

4) Public Education workshops – these workshops are designed for service providers and the general public to increase awareness of the prevalence of sexual exploitation and human trafficking in our region. The workshops will equip participants with the ability to recognize when a young person is being groomed or trafficked, and provide them with the necessary tools and knowledge to support youth, or connect them to the appropriate services.