Our Mission

Angels of Hope Against Human Trafficking (AOH) supports survivors of human trafficking and their loved ones through counselling, guidance, education, healing spaces, legal resources, prevention efforts, community referrals, and advocacy to end human trafficking. AOH strives to walk hand-in-hand with survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, while guiding them along their road to recovery.

AOH works alongside survivors of all ages and backgrounds, and anyone who has been identified, or self-identifies, as a survivor of human trafficking (no referral needed). AOH will advocate and be with you every step of the way. You are the expert in your own healing. AOH will utilize a survivor-centred, intersectional, and harm-reduction approach to healing and support. AOH guides survivors along their journey to reclaim their power and freedom. We do so through coordinated, long-term support services for survivors and their loved ones.

AOH will operate with flexible hours, assisting clients during their time of need. Loved ones of survivors will also be offered access to counselling services and resources. Services will include workshops, mental health (trauma) and addiction counselling services, peer support, mentorship, legal support, and support groups. AOH strives to provide support to survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation of various backgrounds, including Black, Indigenous, people of colour, and 2SLGBTQI+, in a safe and supportive environment.

The reality of human trafficking in Sudbury