Court Support and Legal Education

With financial support from The Law Foundation of Ontario, AOH is providing court support and legal information to survivors of human trafficking about how to navigate the criminal legal system, and available legal protections, such as reporting accommodations, restraining orders/peace bonds, testimonial aids, victim impact statements, and civil actions. Any survivor is welcome to meet with AOH staff to receive information on the criminal legal process, prepare for court proceedings, and receive counselling and referrals to other community agencies for healing. As part of this new funding, AOH staff can also attend court proceedings with survivors to provide guidance and support. AOH staff will also advocate for survivors to get access to legal advice from pro bono lawyers and legal aid in Ontario.

Legal Information

AOH has developed digital and printed resources, in both official languages, to support survivors, and service providers working with survivors, about human trafficking laws, survivors’ rights, what to expect from the criminal court process, and self-care techniques. Resources include videos, printed and digital brochures, and fact sheets showcasing what to expect when going through the court system as a survivor of human trafficking.