Services are available to all survivors, including LGBTQ2S and Indigenous communities. Acute and historic cases are tailored to survivors’ specific needs. To receive any of the services below, survivors can be referred by their current service provider, or can self-refer by contacting AOH directly by email, or by phone. *There is currently no wait time to access services.

AOH will support survivors in active addiction, until they are ready to abstain from substances. Taking a harm reduction approach, we work with survivors in active addiction to keep them as safe as possible.

Exploit No More: Improving Wellbeing in survivors of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation

Through this WAGE-funded project, AOH is offering the following services:

  • Trauma-informed, mental health and addiction counselling with Certified Addiction Counsellors and Registered Indigenous Social Workers, focusing on understanding and addressing trauma, developing coping skills, and building individualized care plans;
  • •Virtual survivor-led support groups focusing on life and living skills—these groups will be a safe, inclusive space for survivors to learn new skills, and share their experiences rebuilding their lives and regaining independence. Any survivor in Ontario may participate; incentives and honoraria are provided to all participants.
  • •Support, guidance, education, and counselling to survivors’ loved ones.